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A Bit of Background

GENERATIONS was founded with the careful purpose of helping African Americans connect with their ancestry. Through this one-of-a-kind organization, they not only have the unique opportunity to learn more about their African heritage, but also the chance to give back to the less fortunate in the villages their ancestors worked so hard to immigrate from.

“To many people over here, they are just another black person, but where they come from [in Nigeria], they are Kings and Queens,”

GENERATIONS co-founder Folabi Clement Solanke says. “We help them discover that, and we help them learn the sacred responsibility to help those in their villages live a better life.”

GENERATIONS began when Solanke and GENERATIONS co-founder Jarrad Nwameme took their first trip back home to their ancestral homeland of Nigeria. Both first generation Americans, neither had ever thought much about their heritage. But what they discovered was eye-opening.

“I saw the conditions the children in the village my family was from lived in,” Nwameme says. “They literally couldn’t afford running water or shoes; it helped us realize how lucky we were to have lived such privileged lives.” “Right there we learned that we had a responsibility to give back to those very children, and help other first generation African Americans do the same, and discover their ancestry in the process,” Solanke says.

And so, GENERATIONS was born. Today the organization helps Americans of African descent connect with their heritage, and provides comprehensive aid to underprivileged African children.

“We have to do our part to give them a better life…because that’s what we were lucky enough to have,” Solanke says.

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